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FERC Order 1000


WestConnect News

WestConnect Posted Answers to Questions Submitted by Prospective Responders to the WestConnect RFP on November 04, 2014

Rehearing Requests for WestConnect’s September 18, 2014 Compliance Order

WestConnect Order 1000 Stakeholder Meeting for
Order 1000 Compliance Activities Details>>

WestConnect Regional Transmission Meeting - MST
December 3, 2014 Details>>

CCPG Meeting - MST
December 10, 2014 Details>>

Western RMR Planning Stakeholder Meeting - 1:30PM - MT
December 11, 2014 Details>>

WAPA DSW Region Transmission Planning Stakeholder Meeting - MST
December 12, 2014 Details>>

APS/SRP Q4 Stakeholder Planning Meeting - 9AM - MST
December 18, 2014 Details>>

Western Planning Regions Coordination Meeting - PPT
February 26, 2015 Details>>


WestConnect Newsletter

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WestConnect is composed of utility companies providing transmission of electricity in the western United States, working collaboratively to assess stakeholder and market needs and develop cost-effective enhancements to the western wholesale electricity market.



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